Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The One That Got Away (three word Wednesday - beacon, grieve, kindred)

The One That Got Away

Tom and Alexa share the sea,
The beacon of light on the rocky shore,
Would landmark those kindred to Tom,
Today Alexa pays the beacon no heed,
For she is in control,
Adrift without direction,
The rod discarded for a clutch of his chest,
Tom is at peace on her deck,
And Alexa will grieve for him in solitude,
For he is hers,
And she will keep him,
For herself


  1. Poetry is all about feelings, I think. And I think this works on so very many levels.

  2. An emotionally charged piece. Nicely done.

  3. Yeah, this works for me, sounds like a cool fishing trip!

  4. Great atmosphere to this piece.

  5. For she is in control,
    Adrift without direction

    Two contrasting actions so well said. Lovely poem

  6. Well, I know just as little about poetry but I think Thom is right - emotion is everything and you had that in spades. Great piece, well told!

  7. Great job at shaping the feelings here.

  8. For saying you don't know much about poetry, you obviously feel much and then translate that feeling beautifully into words which is what makes an exceptional poem. Well done!

  9. You have painted a very clear picture with your words.

  10. this was a very fulfilling read packed with emotion. Great job!

    Attendance Optional

  11. I think it's very hard to say what poetry is because poetry means different things to different people. Anyway, yours is a beautiful poem!

  12. you've captured that certain sadness very well