Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Keeping Up With the Necros (three word Wednesday X 2, demure, offend, volatile, charm, feast, robust)

A cold got the best of me last week, so I thought I'd compensate for my absence with six words thrown into the mix this week. This one is for my friends Ernest, Mike, Scott, and Phil; friends of the real world as well as an online realm of days gone by, called Everquest.

A blond maiden waited patiently at the base of a granite stairwell. Her olive robe intricately decorated with runic symbols grazed the grass as she paced; her soft beauty and demure disposition an illusory shroud of an experienced adventurer. She gazed from a clock in the town square, to an unusual bickering couple. A bald man no taller than the blonde’s knees carried on an animated conversation with a sleek elven woman with flowing white hair and grape colored skin. The human blonde was clearly the mutual friend that brought these two well dressed casters together.

The gnome man flashed a shiny charm at the dark elf.

“That isn’t! Where’d you get that?” The dark elf squinted her solid white eyeballs.

“Got it from the High Inquisitor of the Violet Guard,” he boasted.

“The Violet Guard of Nethershadow? But it takes a full raid to get into that stronghold!”

The gnome nodded, feasting on her jealousy. The dark elf retrieved her knapsack and pulled it open.

“Is that the Satchel of the Red Dragonguard?”

“Oh this old thing? Yeah, it actually regenerates mana just by carrying it around. A must have. You mean you don’t have one?” Her thin face twisted into an evil smile.

“I, uhh, well not yet. I’m working on that,” the gnome rubbed the back of his head. “Don’t you need an exalted reputation for the Red Dragonguard to sell you one?”

“You mean you’re not one of their most exalted necromancers? Sorry, didn’t mean to offend, most necromancers I know are in their highest graces. Maybe you can tell them you know me. Then again, don’t. I don’t want my reputation tarnished.”

“I said I’m working on it Akisha,” the gnome snipped, looking through his own smaller plain satchel. He revealed a black metal wand topped with a glowing blue orb in an inset of claw shaped bones.

“The Wand of Seven Manticores?” Akisha yawned.


“I have one of those too,” she revealed an identical rod. “Is yours enchanted with the Aura of the Southern Crusader?”

“No,” He frowned, looking at the bored human blonde that was trying to evade the conversation. “Lacie?”

“You never asked, Masren. I can enchant it for you later,” the blonde shrugged, watching the town square clock tick.

Masren and Akisha displayed shoes, belts, rings, and other objects of grandeur, attempting to one-up each other by throwing jabs like, “I’ve had this for ages,” “I sold an extra one at an auction last week,” and “I wouldn’t be seen dead with that.” Akisha summoned her mount from the stall and a rare zebrasi from the Plane of Nature appeared. Masren countered by beckoning a robust dragon whelp (with a gnome sized saddle) from the underworld of the frozen continent, Velious. A half elven young man in chainmail walked up alongside Lacie while the show-and-tell was beginning to turn volatile.

“Have they been at this all day?” The half-elf nudged the blonde lady.

“Hours,” she rolled her eyes, “Thank the Gods you are finally here, Keudar. Now we can go.”

“Not yet. Fahna will be joining us shortly too. I told him to meet us here after he visits the druid trainers...”

“What?” Lacie slouched in despair, “You mean I have to wait here longer and listen to these two?”

The bickering necromancers conjured skeletal minions and drew weapons. Keudar pointed, “Looks like it’s about to get interesting at least.”


  1. i knew I was in for a treat when her robe began to concept with intriguing dialogue pulling off a fine tale. great combo.

  2. Heee! Thoroughly enjoyed this.

    gnome sized saddle -- fabulous.

    Great knack for dialogue, and I didn't need to know anything about... what did you call it? Everclear? Evenquest? *wicked grin*

    Thanks for the story!

  3. Wonderful use of dialogue and some great detail in this.

  4. *gigglesnort!* This was so much fun. Loved the one-upmanship!

  5. This was a fun piece. Like Thomma, I loved how they kept trying to outdo each other.

  6. I love all the magical doodads - fantastic imagination and I love how you just dropped them all in there mater-of-fact.